Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zhong gui aka Seeding of a ghost (1983)

Another great production for the legendary Hong Kong Shaw Brothers back in 1983. It is a story of black magic with some erotic scenes and a violent end. Zhou is a taxi driver and he is being in love with his wife, Irene who works as an assistant in the casino. She will meet Ming, a playboy who can have whoever he wants. After they will spend some time together into a secret relationship, Irene will ask him to divorce his wife but he will deny. Then he will leave her alone on the road and two rascals who will want to rape her, they will accidentally kill her. Before this situation, Zhou met a weird guy who told him that he was a wizard of black magic and suggest him to forget all about this. But when the police can't help Zhou take revenge for his dead beloved, he will find him again and ask for help. The cost will be his life but his targets, the three guys will start to experience terror! A cool example of gore Hong Kong productions of the early 80s!

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