Friday, April 8, 2011

Kuro-obi aka Black belt (2007)

Karate is one of the most traditional Japanese martial arts. This film is dedicated to its true soul. It is about the story of a specific Karate school and the knowledge of  self defense. Three students will be alone after their Sensei's death. They will rediscover themselves as they will all be entrants for the Kuro Obi, the Black belt that leads to the replacement of their lost master. Giryu is not confident enough until he will find a young girl and try to save her from a gang. Taikan from the other side is selfish and arrogant and thinks that a Karate-ka has to be agressive and always ready to fight in order to find the perfect opponent. Choei the third student will be useless after he will be wounded as a result of a quarrel. He will accompany Kaiten and try to change his mind but it will be very difficult. So the day Giryu and Kaiten will meet again shall arrive soon. A poetic touch of an era full of dramatic and realistic fight contacts.

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