Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chernaya Molniya aka Black Lightning (2009)

I like fantasy films and even if they come from Kazakhstan. The story goes like this. A young student Dima is dreaming of having a car in order to date his gorgeous college mate Nastya. His best friend Maks also likes her and there is going to be an intrigue between the two boys for gaining her love. On Dima's birthday his father will buy him finally a car. But it won't be an ordinary car but an old experiment vehicle that flies due to Nano-catalyst engine. After a tragical incident causing Dima's father's death, he will decide to help innocent people and give his personal fight against crime. His biggest opponent will be entrepreneur Kuptsov, who is drilling in the underground part of the city, trying to reach a huge diamond vein and needs for more power for his illegal operation. So he will try to find Dima and steal his car. A very entertaining film, full of action and nice acting!

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