Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mouchette (1967)

Mouchette is a young teenager who lives with her family. She lives into sadness and misery, unloved by her parents, mocked by her schoolmates, brutally beaten by her teachers. Her father works illegally and he is an alcoholic. Her mother is going to die very soon. Mouchette has to take care of their baby. She can't stand so much pain and she escapes into her fantastic world. On day, as she rests at the near forest, she meets Arsene. He has a vendetta with Mathieu because they both love the same woman, Luisa the bartender. They will argue and they will have a fight. Arsene will think that he killed him due to his hangover and will ask for Mouchette's help to build an alibi. But the things are not sometimes as they look. Robert Bresson, this great cinematographer directed a film showing us the tough life of a poor girl on a realistic emphasis that  is incomparable.

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