Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rubber (2010)

Rubber is the SHIT! Maybe the most fresh fantasy flick out there last five years. It is a glimpse, but it is not for everyone, that's for sure. Robert is our hero. But not the typical human hero because Robert is a tire. Yes you have listen well, he is a tire with telepathic powers. He was born in the middle of the desert and now he is ready to explore the world. Alone. He don't care about other forms of life and he uses his powers to eliminate anyone or anything standing in front of him. You can also see a real audience trying to understand the whole story as surrealistic incidents happen. The line between reality and myth is so thin. And so entertaining also. You will laugh, you will think of the terms this cool film suggests to you. A clever story with lots of fun, good actors and creativity.

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