Thursday, July 14, 2011

L'immortel aka 22 bullets (2010)

Goldmann is a police officer who wants to find out the killers of her husband. Charly Matteï used to be one of the godfathers of the same town and now he enjoys peaceful moments with his family as he quote his past. But after he survives from a brutal attack, he will find out that he has been betrayed from one of his best friends and colleague, Zacchia. Then he tries to forgive him due to their vow to be friends untill death. The other side don't stop here and the next victim will be Matei's friend, Karim. This death will drive him craze and a tough vendetta will rise. So it's about time for payback. This is one classic film about Mafia, very stylish and focusing into the characters. I liked it and I believe it is as cool as 'The Godfather' or the impressive 'Gomorra'. Mobster's storytelling placed on the beautiful coasts of North France.

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