Saturday, December 15, 2012

5150 Rue des ormes (2009)

Another excellent dark film from Canada this time. Who said that a chess player can be sane? Yannick is a talented young man who wins a film direction scholarship at a small town. When he decides to start his project at a peaceful area, he gets involved into a terrifying situation. After an accident with his bicycle, he looks after to hire a cab for taking him back home. But the driver, Jacques, seems to be a serial killer who is maniac about chess games and kills in purpose to rid the world of evil. His family also participates in this paranoia as his teenager daughter, Michelle, is ready to follow her father's steps. His wife, Maude, is unable to control anything and she has been turned to God to please her wills. Jacques's little daughter hates her father and seems to be a useless rebel to his plans. Can Yannick escape from this shit hole and what are the possibilities to stay alive?

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