Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chillerama (2011)

Kaufman is the owner of the last drive-in theater at the States and he is ready to showcase a night of rare horror films for his fans. The titles are just crazy: ''Wadzilla'' where a man faces problems with his erections. His sperm shows anomaly and a load is going to transform into a mutated thing that is going to threat the human race. ''I was a teenage werebear'' where we can see the humorous tale of a gay that becomes a creature like a werewolf wearing leather pants. ''The diary of  Anne Frankenstein'' mocks Adolf Hitler and his attempt to create a monster and win the war. But there is a little detail. The monster shall be Jewish. As the films continue playing on the screen, a bunch of teenagers seem to enjoy it without knowing that the terror is outside from their car. Is this story a matter of fiction or reality? A humorous film with great ideas, satisfying performances and big loads of fun. The influences of past terror films are so many to analyze so just sit back and enjoy this marvel of horror.

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