Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hesher (2010)

Hesher is just the shit. He is arrogant, lunatic, sexist, loner. He hates everything on this planet. TJ is a young boy who is obsessed with his old family car. The reason is that his beloved mother died in it after a tragic accident. His father is unable to raise him properly after that as he has lost his patience and will to live and he takes drugs. The only one who help them is TJ's grandmother. TJ will meet Hesher at an constructing area and they will have a bizarre relationship based to fear and compassion. Hesher's purposes are not clear and TJ is confused even more with his behavior. They will live together various situations that will get them closer somehow. TJ is also caring about a young girl, Nicole who works as a cashier at the local super market. A tending story with actual performances and cool cast. The metamorphosis of a boy through difficulties and the pain of loss and his change to another person, probably more mature.

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