Sunday, December 9, 2012

Die summe meiner einzelnen teile aka Hut in the woods (2011)

Martin Blunt is a schizo who tries to survive in a difficult world. After his break with his ex girlfriend, he gets in the asylum to follow some therapy. But when he is being released, he is completely lost in a world of misery. He becomes alcoholic and finds difficulties in being part of society again. He can't even understand the rules of the game to stay alive. He looses his house and he sleeps on the road. He goes back to his hometown and he starts thinking of living in the woods. He is not alone on this journey as he finds a mate, Viktor. They have been met at the ruins of a building and they become best friends as they support each other. But is Viktor a real person or another figment of Martin's imagination? A tough story of a man who just wanted to live free, away from civilization and its problems. But society can't let him do it.

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