Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fasle kargadan aka Rhino Season (2012)

Iranian directors always have a poetic view on their cinema and Bahman Ghobadi is not the exception. There is the real story of Sahel, a poet from the shah era who stayed imprisoned for thirty years and after his release, he tried to find back his wife, Mina and family. The responsible for his odyssey was the driver of his beloved wife, a guy who was obsessed with her and jealous about their love so he decided to ruin them permanently. But can you really destroy real love? So after the revolution in Iran back in the seventies he becomes a high rank revolutionary and with this power incarcerates the couple. The new regime put the couple separately in prison. And then they announced Mina that Sahel is dead. So the driver takes the opportunity to press Mina marry him as he belongs to her all these years. But the story isn't over yet and with the return of Sahel a lot of things will go upside down. A lyrical film and a haunting story with many metaphors and beautiful photography. 

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