Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Colony (2013)

In the future, humans have to live underneath the ice due to a climate change that left the planet as a cold desert. One day it started to snow and it never ended. Briggs is the leader of Colony 5, a place where some survivors live and work in an experimental lab in order to find a new place to move and change the temperature of the environment. After a call for help from another colony, he decides to do a rescue mission but what he will find there, it will change the fate of everyone back in his base. Because the real problem out there is not the freeze but the hunger who transform people into beasts. This could be a great film because the intense was real until the first part of it. Dark cinematography and convincing performances from the cast showed that something good could be happened. But after that you will find another cliche end with cannibals running and screaming around. My question is why all the cannibals and the zombies or the mutants have always supernatural powers, who said that if you are a monster you have to be a champ at sprints or can escape from bullets? It's a pity indeed.

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