Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Limitless (2011)

This is a kick ass film and maybe one of the best I have seen till now. Imagine a drug that helps you unleash the ultimate powers of your brain including restore all the lost data and the memories you ever had. This happens to hopeless writer Eddie Morra when his ex brother in law gives him a special drug called NZT. Suddenly the looser becomes a hero. The pathetic becomes a successful businessman. The road leads only forward and Eddie becomes enthusiast with the limitless posibilities of his new brain that gives birth to more and more ideas. But after an untrustworthy deal with a gangster and with a hit man on his back, Morra has to define the new horizons that will make his life easier and more secured. Another tycoon, Carl Van Loon, needs Eddie's talent for his own purposes but the last one has to realize the situation first and then escape from the labyrinth of his mind. A crazy sci fi gem with astonishing cinematography, great cast and limitless reasons to watch it. 

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