Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oblivion (2013)

Jack works as a drone technician on the abandoned Earth, after the war of humans with the alien Scavs. With his wife Vica at the control station, they complete an effective team. But he dreams of a past life years ago before he even lived. With the arrival of female astronaut's  Julia, Jack is going to reconsider about his life and his purposes. Julia is not the only link to his peaceful past though and soon many secrets are going to be revealed and change everything. This is a stunning science fiction gem from the director who filmed Tron Legacy back in 2010. The specifications are about the same and the complete work is amazing. Cinematography is excellent and the whole cast is performing really well. This is a very interesting amalgam of past sci fi movies as Space Odyssey 2001, I am Legend and so many other to mention.
Another good choice for Tom Cruise's filmography.

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