Friday, September 30, 2011

Ajami (2009)

This was such an impact to my brain. An authentic film that reveals all the tragic incidents that happen in Tel Aviv between the Muslims and the Christians who live there. A compilation of five stories of different people who actually are all members of the same community. Omar is an Israeli Arab who tries to survive along with his family and escape from the nightmare of death, due to a crazy vendetta that has started between his relatives and a gang of extortionists. He loves Hadir, a Christian girl but their love has no future. Malek is an illegal Palestinian worker who tries to save some money and help his sick mother. Soon he will collaborate with Omar and try to sell some drugs but he will be also trapped at a vicious game of death and betrayal. Dando is an Israeli cop who tries to find out who killed his beloved brother. Soon all of these characters will face their fate in a crisis that will change their lives forever. Excellent film that nominated for the Best Foreign Language film in 2009 and won a lot of other awards around the globe.

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