Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus aka Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures (2005)

A road movie based on the strong relationship of two different men and probably two different cultures. The first one is Johann, a German guy who travels around Brazil and sells aspirin for a living. He ended there after spending some years working on the ships and believes it is the best option to continue his life there as he also escaped from the Second World war and the destroyed Europe. The second is Ranulpho, a guy from Brazil, borned at a town in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes he is being so arrogant but the truth is that he really knows nothing about life and work. So Johann tries to help him and when his life is in big dangerous, Ranulpho will be there and pay him back. Soon they will become best friends but war is near and Johann soon will have to find new solutions again in order to survive. What can I say about the screenplay, the acting, the direction? Just perfect. Enjoy real cinema!

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