Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Sender (1982)

Another lost film back from the 80s. A psychological thriller that will keep you satisfied. The story is simple as that. A telepathic man who lives in his disturbed world, seems to be lost and tries to commit suicide. Dr. Gail Farmer tries to help him out and discover what happens about him. Soon she and the other people who work on the same hospital will taste the supernatural powers of this strange man when his dreams will become a real terror to everybody. Gail will also contact with his dead mother who her spirit tries to kill him in order to stay with him forever. A suspenseful gem with dramatic consequences and manipulating cinematography. It is a pity that movies like that didn't get the recognition they really deserve.


  1. A very fine little movie. I was surprised when I found it and I never heard about it before, but it's such a well-made and classy flick.