Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gorath (1962)

Earth is going to collapse under the massive impact with a mysterious star, called Gorath that it has sixty times the Earth's mass. Japanese government who is leading the space exploration and research, is sending JX-1, a special rocket that finally looses control and crashes onto the gigantic star. Now it is time for a second team to fly JX-2, even if they are not ready yet. Their will to rescue the planet is so big that they are ready to sacrifice themselves. Among them, there is Tetsu Kanai, a brave space pilot. In the meantime, two astronomers, Kano and his partner Tazara are really worried about the collision of this mysterious star. How can they advance the war against this approaching threat? This is the greatest challenge for scientific world and not only. When the spaceship approaches Gorath, Kanai looses his memory while observing it and collecting data from a near distance. Scientists all over the world begin a new project. To move earth from its position and they start manufacturing jet pipes on the South pole that will unleash a huge power force into the sky but will be this enough? Dr. kono is opposite to the theories of Mr. Kano that Gorath increases its mass from time to time but as time lasts, they are both anxious about our civilization's fate. Cheap production, cheaper effects but this gem is still worth watching. A propaganda film of Japanese empire about a dream of space age.

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