Saturday, September 3, 2011

Take the money and run (1969)

Every time I watch a Woody Allen's film, I admire him more and more. I think he is one of most multi-talented people of world cinema. This gem is back from 1969 and we can see how clever he was almost forty years ago. He plays Virgil Starkwell, a looser who becomes a criminal from his childhood. His mania about stealing can't stop over the years. He will try to rob banks but he will fail. When he is driven to prison he always tries to escape unsuccessfully. After he is being released, he meets Louise, a shy and faithful young girl and they start a relationship. But even familiar happiness can't help him to stop his obsession of stealing banks. A very funny story with comical situations, interesting narration as it was more a documentary than a film and excellent acting from Allen himself.

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