Thursday, November 24, 2011

Colombiana (2011)

The Catelaya or Cattleya Flower is a genus of orchid found from Costa Rica to Tropical South America. Cataleya is also the name of a little girl raising at the tough neighborhoods of Bogota, in Colombia. Her father Fabio used to work with Don Luis in illegal operations. But now their relations have been broken and soon Don will send his mercenaries to kill Fabio and his family. Cataleya will witness her parents slaughter and will escape in Chicago finding her uncle Emilio. She will ask him to train her as a killer as she wants to pay back Don Luis. After two decades and some violent murders, she will be ready to confront the mobster who ruined her life. Agent Ross is also on her trails in order to arrest her but he will be unable to proceed more as she always lead the game. Luc Besson was on the screenplay of this entertaining film. Nice action scenes, a beautiful female hero and a little bit of drama, just perfect for a relaxing afternoon.