Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kokuhaku aka Confessions (2010)

Revenge has been served. And no one is going to escape from it. Yuko Moriguchi's four years daughter becomes a victim of two twisted pupils. Shuya Watanabe has a psychological complex with his mother who abandoned him and used to torture him. She was a scientist, a mechanical engineer who preferred her career that raising properly her son. The other boy who was being involved in this crime was Naoki Shimomura, an ordinary but not so clever student who tried to become friend with Shuya even if the second always thought he was just better than him in everything. So Yuko organizes a crazy plan that drive these two insane and send them into a hell trip with no return. Mizuki Kitahara is also another young killer who poisoned her whole family and now tries to help Shuya. But hope is not enough. This was one of the best psychological thrillers of the decade for me. Much stunning as 'Old Boy', suspenseful and creepy, it was just perfect. RECOMMENDED!

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