Saturday, November 19, 2011

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

Harold Lee and Kumar Patel are two roommates who live in a parallel universe. The first one is conscious office worker and the second is a lazy medical ex student. They both have a passion, smoking weed. Harold is also very shy and feels uncomfortable to contact with any woman instead of Kumar who is thinking all the time about sex. One day as they feel hungry, they decide to organize a trip to White Castle, a famous fast food restaurant. But they encounter a lot of problems, including racist cops, a raccoon, a bunch of punks who always laugh on them and a horny Neil Patrick Harris. It will be a long trip where the two buddies will realize that even the simplest goals in life can be impossible to achieve, due to such disturbances as irony, circumstance, error, and misfortune. One of the coolest and funnier flicks I saw this period. Full of sarcasm and satire for many issues as it is racism, capitalism and the American way of life. Just excellent.

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