Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From within (2008)

Sometimes the critics on Imdb, don't represent the real quality of a movie. I think this flick deserved a better rate though. The reason is that this simple horror film was actually a small surprise instead of its low budget production. In a small town at the States countryside, evil is all around. It possesses all witnesses of several suicides, making them following their deadly path. Started from a curse of an outcast teenager who blamed the authorities for his innocent mother's killing. Lindsay is a young girl who used to be friend with Dylan, son of the local preacher who becomes fanatic and attacks on Aidan, brother of the first dead teenager, accusing him for the deaths. He also penetrates people to take the law on their own hands but the curse is not going to end this way. Secrets are going to be revealed and death will take place everywhere. Excellent script, interesting story line and an surprising end as well.

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