Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rear window (1954)

It's been a long time since I saw a film with an unsurpassed script and a comprehensive dialog. This is because master of suspense aka Alfred Hitchcock was behind its direction. How can a man be a fan of voyeurism without knowing it? When Jeff, a successful photographer breaks his leg, he follows a recovery that keeps him on a wheel chair and he has to stay at home for some period. But Jeff is really curious as a character. He starts watching through his neighbor's windows. Even his beautiful and rich girlfriend Lisa can't turn his eyes somewhere else. His maid, Stella, who is cynical will follow him into his paranoia as he thinks that a salesman, Lars Thorwald, who lives at the opposite building has slaughtered his wife and tries to hide the evidences. Soon Lisa will agree with them and all together will try to find the solution of this enigmatic puzzle. Thomas Doyle, a detective and close friend of Jeff denies that there is a murder at all with convincing arguments but he can't even approach the three people who are suspicious over the matter. Stunning cinematography and a power and dramatic view at the psychology of ordinary people who have the curiosity about others life and death. Recommended.

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