Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chiko (2008)

To respect and care about your friends this story is all about. Isa under the nickname Chiko and Tibet have been raised together since they were kids in the suburban ghettos of Hamburg. They want to gain respect as young gangsters so they start involving at Brownie's illegal business. Tibet used to be addicted to heroine and his mother is seriously ill and she has to move everyday at the hospital. Chiko thinks about the money and the fame and he ignores his friend as he thinks he deserves a better life. So he finally make his dream true being Brownie's right hand in the local drug underworld. But when Tibet crosses violent Brownie, Chiko finds himself in a dangerous situation. Everything he has risked his life for is at stake: his reputation, his status, and his friendship with Tibet. A tough film about brotherhood, loyalty and friendship where mistakes can be lethal. Great Fatih Akin was also participated at this fine production.

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