Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New kids turbo (2010)

'Maaskantje' is a small city in the Netherlands. It is unknown even to the minister until one day something happens. The reason is that a company of five men start their personal fight against the system after they are being fired from their jobs. So they decide to stop paying for anything and live free as well. They steal beers, food from the snack bar and they admit it. Richard is the leader and the most 'clever' of the five dump guys. Gerrie is the last one that uses his brains properly. Rikkert is the one who thinks only about his Opel Manda car and how to finally fuck a woman. Andrie is not the usual cop as he is also another idiot who unsuccessfully tries to arrest them. There is anarchy, violence, funny situations and disgusting people around. Forget the good manners at this crazy flick from Holland. Excellent comedy including gore, sex and action scenes that will satisfy you for sure.

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