Monday, June 11, 2012

Being there (1979)

Chance used to work as a  gardener at the house of an old man. When his old boss dies, he discovers a whole new world outside the house he grew up and never left it. The only knowledge he has, he found it from the television broadcasts he was watching for years. He is a free soul, who can confuse people with his strange sometimes behavior. But some other times, he can make everyone admire him with the truth of his speech. After a small accident he will meet Eve, who is married with the influential and rich businessman Ben. They will invite Chance to live with them and Eve will fall in love with him due to his free spirit. Ben will approve this as he faces a sickness that will lead him to his last days. And he will try to help Chance to improve his life. A beautiful story about independent heroes and true masterminds and a cynical view to the political and social system. Peter Sellers acts and we applause.

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  1. A masterpiece. I love every second of this movie. Pity Sellers never got is Oscar for this one.