Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New kids nitro (2011)

Right back from the previous movie's end, we have the beginning of the sequel that is even better than the first film. Richard and his crazy friends have ended up with the police force and now they have to defeat a new intruder. Henk and his pals from the village of Schijndel insult Rikkert and call Richard for a fight. The useless cop Adrie cannot stop them again. Plus a new nightmare that comes from outer space as a meteor lands on a farm and cows with mutant milk transform people who drink it into ruthless zombies. Richard has to save his mother, Rikkert has to fuck more, Adrie has to save a city. How much action can you stand? There are all the cool ingredients of the first film: action, violence, more sex, more blood, more bad words. Get ready for more creeps.

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