Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bao wei zhan dui zhi chu dong la! Peng you! aka Let's go (2011)

How much action can you take? This is a fucking inspiring homage to 1980s Japanese superhero cartoons like SPACE EMPEROR GOD SIGMA. Siu as a child was a big fan of this space opera anime. One day he loses his father due to a gunfire between the police and some gangsters and his reality falls apart. He has special powers and he is really good at martial arts. This is the reason that he is being hired by a mobster and being part of his security team. He likes boss Hon's daughter Annie but his duty is overall. After an unsuccessful attempt for a another team to take out Hon, an internal fraud in the security department will come into light. Shing and his brother are the responsible for that action and as Hon tries to eliminate them, the survivors and ex partners of his elite collective will pay him back. Siu now is in the middle of a war. But there is also someone else who tries to help him in the dark. Hong Kong stylized action like the 80s era films, excellent direction and a little bit of dramatic sequence give us this strong experience.

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