Sunday, July 15, 2012

The thing from another world (1951)

That was the beginning. The first movie about an alien entity who arrives at the North Pole ready to conquer the world. Of course Carpenter's remake is much better at many points but it is still a classic sci fi film that is interesting and watchable. Captain Patrick Hendry flies with his crew and curious reporter Scotty at an Arctic research station as they have to meet Dr. Arthur Carrington and take part at a research project finding a flying spacecraft that is buried on ice. They accidentally destroy the object but its passenger manages to escape and being trapped on ice. So the soldiers alongside with the scientists team release him from the ice without knowing his power and domestic will to kill them. The action is poor and sometimes the plot is slow. But it is more optimistic than Carpenter's remake and its characters are more capable. I should prefer something more spicy as the alien instead of a creature that looked like more as Frankenstein's monster.

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