Monday, July 2, 2012

Xin shao lin si aka Shaolin (2011)

General Hou is a ruthless and violent military guy who wants to gain more power through war and destroy everyone who stands upon him. He is greedy and he wants to expand his power conquering more territories. He plans to kill another warlord that together have a brotherhood but there are more secrets ready to expand and change the situation around. His best soldier and right hand, Cao Man betrays him and try to assassinate Hou and his family. The last one tries to escape and save his beloved. He hides over the mountains at the Shaolin temple and ask for their help even if he messed up with them at the previous past. The master there allows to stay with them as Hou feels terrible pain for his child loss. His philosophy about life and death is going to change dramatically but the nightmare is not ending yet as Cao Man follows his path and attacks at the temple. Great cinematography from another excellent action film. Andy Lau performs well and Jackie Chan is cool as always.

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