Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hong Xi Guan aka Executioners from Shaolin (1977)

The evil master Pai Mei aka 'White Brows' under the orders of Qing court destroys the old Shaolin temple and kills master Zhishan. Hung Hsi Kuan and his fellows pals escape from Mei's satanic henchman Gao and disguise as theater actors performing Shaolin Kung Fu shows for a period and travel on the red boats that are a strong military unit made by Shaolin against the tyrannical Manchurian regime. Old man Fang and his nephew Wan Yung-Chun who is an expert at Crane-style fighting feel upset about the competition between them and the actors and Wan settles a fight with Hung. But fate connects them and they fall in love together. They marry and soon have a son who will avenge Hung's death after his second attempt to defeat Pai Mei. His secret to win is to combine both Tiger and Crane fighting styles together. Will he make it? Another moving gem from Shaw Bros productions.

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