Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Le scaphandre et le papillon aka The diving bell and the butterfly (2007)

This is the real and deeply dramatic story of a man who tries to understand life and communicate with his environment after a massive stroke that turns him into a full paralyzed person. Jean-Dominique Bauby had everything he ever wanted, a successful career as famous Elle magazine's editor, three children from his ex wife and a beautiful new partner. But luck someday stops being by his side. After the tragic accident, he feels as a soul locked in a dead body, a diving bell lost in the middle of the abyss. The only way to communicate with the others is by clicking his left eye. We will witness his tremendous effort to heal himself as the recuperative team of physical therapist Marie and speech therapist Henriette put their passion to help him. Actually Bauby manages to write his story and thoughts on a book before the unexpected end. A magic touch in my soul this film was. What can I say? An optimistic view from the eye of a man who never let it down and tried to survive. A lone hero and a beautiful soul as well. Excellent performances from the whole cast, dreamy cinematography and a story that will make you cry for sure.

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