Saturday, January 19, 2013

Black Dynamite (2009)

Imagine a film that is going to be a cult on the next years. A film where the main hero can really dig it, kick asses and be also a sex symbol. In black version. This is Black Dynamite, a successful pimp, born and raised on the streets. He is the law and he cares everyone to know about that. Someday his brother, Jimmy, falls dead due to the dope addiction as Dynamite thinks about. Dynamite with his friend Bullhorn and the team of Black Panthers investigate places and people in order to find the real purposes of  Jimmy's death. The list of opponents is crazy including the Chinese Triangle, the Italian Mafia, various pimps and gangsters. Get ready for supreme action and excellent funky soundtrack, lots of sexy women and a martial arts expert serving the justice as well. Plus hit is the President Nixon as a lunatic motherfucker playing the nunchucks in a battle of life and death. Entertainment at its best.

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