Monday, January 7, 2013

Videodrome (1983)

This is the third time I have seen David Cronenberg's classic gem. A mixture of thriller, surreal and painful horror film. Max Renn is the president of CICIC tv, based in Toronto, Canada. He is cynical, sex maniac and arrogant. He looks for new ideas to promote his channel in a better way. Harlan. a technician who works for Max, shows him a strange program, Videodrome, that he has found through intercepting the tv satellites. It is plotless and shows some guys in uniforms torture a woman to death. Max is being interested on that and tries to find more information. As he is guest to another show, he meets Nicki, a masochist beautiful woman. At this show, there is another eccentric guest, Professor O'Blivion, a pop culture analyst and philosopher who will only appear on television if his image is broadcast into the studio, onto a television, from a remote location. Nicky is addicted to pain and Max shows her Videodrome. She responses sexually and Max likes it. All these characters are involved to a surreal trip of madness and fear through Videodrome.

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