Friday, January 11, 2013

O Cangaceiro (1953)

Let's have a sense of latin cinema experience. O Cangaceiro describes the life of a bunch of bandits in Brazil where leader Capitan Galdino Ferreira commands and executes everyone who looks as a menace to him. Teodoro is his old friend and a loyal comrade until he meets Olivia, a beautiful teacher. Galdino has kidnapped her in order to ask for ransom from the government. Teo starts having feelings for Olivia and takes her away from the camp. So Galdino has to find the traitor and punish him as well. An interesting film from South America that won the prize for Adventure film in Cannes festival. Great cultural songs that present another era at a place ruined from civil war and actual performances from the cast. Not the typical western action gem but a good attempt to show the traditional and difficult life at the valleys of Brazil.

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