Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zombie ja Kummitusjuna aka Zombie and the Ghost Train (1991)

This is a great work of Finnish director Mika Kaurismäki. A black comedy where the realistic sequence and the good performances, even from amateurs musicians get into the point. Antti "Zombie" is a young man, lost and insecure, spending his days drinking and being lazy. After being a hobo at the streets of Istanbul, he decides to return back to Helsinki. But he is immediately forced to join the army. He finds a way to be discharged and goes back home. His father has health problems so Zombie tries unsuccessfully to find a work and a proper way to live. His friend Harri hires him as a roadie for his band "Harry and the Mulefukkers" then gives him a chance as a bass player. His girl-friend Marjo has taken up with a hairdresser but comes back to Zombie. But Antii can't afford all this situation and returns to the old bad habits even if they will cost everything to him. A sad story of a man who couldn't stand anywhere and the attempt of his environment to take care of him ineffectively. The end is just amazing.


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