Friday, January 11, 2013

Quella villa accanto al cimitero aka The house by the cemetery (1981)

Boyle family have to move in a small town and rent a house near a cemetery. Bob Boyle has to investigate the terrible crime and suicide of an ex colleague. The real estate office seems to know something about Boyle's new place. A dark secret that is kept well. At the past centuries, another family with unexpected end have been living there. The father, Dr. Freudstei, was a surgeon who killed his wife and then disappeared. The problem for Boyle family starts when they start listening and feeling of weird phenomena as screams from the basement and things moving around. There is an enigma sharing the same house and the results will be catastrophically. Lucio Fulci directs another Italian horror film and tries hard for a good attempt to give us the appropriate creeps. Lots of blood and corpses are around and a frightened child who yells all the time.

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