Saturday, December 18, 2010

Los violadores aka Mad foxes (1981)

This movie is just a mess.
Hopefully it's the best trick if you wanna have some fun before sleeping.
It is about an arrogant rich man who changes women from time to time.
But a gang of bike riders are looking for trouble and he is the ideal person to mess with.
They first beat him up and rape his date.
When he exits the hospital he completely forgets about the girl and he continues the mess asking help for a friend who owns a karate club.
But I don't think the karate gang do the martial art justice. So they beat the bikers and their leader cuts the cock of the riders leader and feed him with it.
The rest of the riders are looking for revenge so they start killing everyone in order to find the rich man and eliminate him.
The protagonist has sex with other two girls afterwards and he visits his parents house.
But the bikers actually find him and kill all the members of his family including the servants.
After that he goes crazy, grabbing a shot gun and the massacre begins.
Who is going to survive?
The plot and the directing could be better but the actors are not talented at all.
The soundtrack is horrible and finally this is one of the films you wish to forget as soon as possible!


  1. No no no! Not forget, remember for ever! :)

  2. this was an advice for the mainstream audience..axaxxaax..of course I will never forget this one!