Friday, December 10, 2010

Sl8n8 aka Slaughter Night (2006)

Kristel looses her father into a car accident.
Then she has to go to Belgium and get back some personal things of him and a manuscript he was working on a book about the infamous serial killer Andries Martiens from his office.
This insane maniac killed some children in order to open the gates of hell so he could visit his parents for a personal matter.
Kristel will find an Ouija board which connects her with her dad.
When his boss invites her to visit the mines her dad was working into, 
she and her company will be trapped into a cold, dark and damp place 
where the evil spirit of Martiens starts possessing them one by one and the massacre begins!
Very bloody effects, coupled with the guarantee gloomy, claustrophobic atmosphere of an old mine nerve-jangling excitement for fans of the genre.

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