Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mirage (1990)

I was a kid while watching that slasher and it was an frightening experience.
I was looking to find it for many years so I finally did it.
The story is as simple as that.
Three teenagers couple want to spend some days on the desert having fun.
But their plans will be ruined by a maniac killer.
So the pursuit starts but where can anyone hide in the middle of nowhere?
It's a shame really that this flick is so forgotten because it's actually really good, the acting is well a mixed bag but the main girl Jennifer McAllister did a pretty good job and she was really stunning. 
An annoying aspect is that we don't get to find out why the killer is there or why he's killing everybody off, but he does play his part well.
A thrilling experience for the brain.

You can start watching it here:

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