Sunday, December 19, 2010

TRON: Legacy (2010)

As a lot of people maybe misunderstood this is NOT a remake of the cult 80s sci fi movie Tron but it's sequel directed in the best way it could be.
I loved so much this story back to the 80s so it was quite relaxing that this attempt to continue the story was successful.
Sam Flynn is Kevyn's Glynn (hero of the first Tron) son and a genius at computer science.
When his father disappeared twenty years ago without a sign, Sam was so desperate. He didn't want to have any relationship with his father and his company and tried to sabotage it by spreading its technology for free through internet.
When he will visit his dad old electronic games store he will find a secret place where the transportation to the cybernetic world of Tron starts.
Amazing visual effects and a plot better than the first movie give the film a great success to the point.
The French electronic producers Daft Punk do their best for the soundtrack that fits perfect to the whole film!

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