Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hot tub time machine (2010)

Adam and Nick, two friends are trying to help their common friend Lou with his esoteric problems inviting him at a crazy weekend on a winter resort. Adam brings with them Jacob, his nerdy nephew in order to live somehow reality and escape from the net. Lou and Jacob don't like each other actually. When they arrive, they find out that nothing has stayed the same and the place that they had some of the best time of their lives, now seems even worst. They try to have some fun in the hot tub but due to a malfunction, they return back to the eighties. The three adults start liking the idea to stay there and enjoy everything from the beginning but Jacob freaks out and wants to return back, because he will maybe disappear if he not. So our guys try to find a solution and fix the tub that works as a time machine. Cool comedy for a lazy afternoon, Cusack and Robinson deliver their roles well but the real hit is Corddry who is amazing, playing a crazy man who thinks about nothing and mess everything. 

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