Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Secret Rivals: Enter the Silver Fox (1976)

Master Huo and his assistant Lung Lan have left China 16 years ago and are settled down as Koreans. General Sun and Shen Ying-wei are investigating the gold robbery that took place 3 years ago. Silver Fox also knows about it but now he is vanished. And Huo is very worried. So he plans to organise a martial arts contest in order to hire its champion as an outsider troop and put him into a mission to assassinate Sun and Ying. But noone know that Shen is already at the town and enters the contest. Another mighty fighter, Shao comes in town and wants revenge from the Fox who was responsible for killing his family. They both stay at Chin's hotel and they both interest into her. When Fox returns at the town, the rivals begin and both Shen and Shao who have the same purpose to face Huo and don't leave him escape start the duels. Absolutely great filming with Kung Fu and Tae kwondo techniques from real masters, filmed in Korea.

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