Friday, February 10, 2012

The cry of the owl (2009)

Can a man be cursed? Can a man be the symbol of death, the sign of bad luck? At the case of Mr. Robert, YES. He is just divorced and his relationship with his ex wife are not well at all. He acts strangely as he likes stalking a young woman, Jenny who lives deep in the woods. When they finally meet, she understands him and finally the situation reverse. She stalks him and being in love with him but he rejects her because he believes he is not ready for this. Her ex, Jack, becomes furious and he starts chasing him. After a fight they have, Jack disappears and Robert is the immediate suspect, trying to prove his innocence. Things get more messy with Jenny's suicide. Who is behind of all this and what is the purpose of real love? A mysterious and suspenseful film, almost unknown to me, became a thrilling experience.

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