Sunday, February 5, 2012

Okuribito aka Departures (2008)

A tender story about an unemployed cellist that now works at a funeral office at his small hometown. Diago thinks about his future and grab the opportunity of a new career. He doesn't tell anything about that at his wife wondering about her reaction. He starts liking this new condition where his boss training him on the work. To honor and respect the dead, to try to release the pain of the relatives, to understand and feel it. When Mika discovers about it, he has to make a choice. A difficult one and maybe the only that makes him really happy. His loss of his father on his childhood makes him feel angry about it and he thinks he has ended with him, but life is always unexpected. This is real cinema. Emotional and poetic, shows another view of looking at the other side. Death is not the end but the beginning of something else. Amazing soundtrack, excellent direction and good performances led it won the Oscar foreign language film Oscar in 2008.

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