Sunday, February 5, 2012

A mosca cieca aka The blind fly (1966)

I think that Romano Scavolini is one of the most radical Italian directors ever existed. This almost silent film has been censored and rejected for his violent scenes, even if it was well received at the Pesaro New Cinema in 1966. It contains a quotation from Beckett off-screen at the critical moment. The story sometimes seems like a puzzle where a simple man who is sick from his environment, suddenly starts killing several people near a stadium. There are also moments from his life, discussing with a friend about fear of death and various meetings his beloved girlfriend. This film was never projected and there is no trailer actually. It is dedicated to human behavior and it needs special attention to concentrate and focus about its real purpose. A really rare and lost movie that will give you the creeps with its intense direction and its stunning photography.

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