Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei aka The edukators (2004)

Jan and Peter are friends for over fifteen years. They stay at the same place and they are known as the 'Edukators'. A team who enters at rich people's houses and give them some fear and the thought that they are not protected as well. Jan is the idealist, Peter is the worker. Jule is Peter's girlfriend who now has problems due to her car accident and she owns 90.000 euros to the businessman for ruining his car. She is desperate and when she asks for help Jan, they are coming together as a result of their common ideas about life. In the meantime, Peter is going to Barcelona and when he is coming back, things have changed. When Jan and Jule enter at rich's man Hardenberg mansion, things are not working and finally they have to kidnap him and leave away. They will find out that the capitalist was once a member of the political youth at 1968 and they will have a good lesson about life, ideals and risks. Equal doses of drama and romance at a working low budget film.

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