Tuesday, March 13, 2012

127 Hours (2010)

This is an amazing film about one of the most brave people I have ever seen on the big screen. And its story is true my friends. It is about the courage of mountain climber's Aron Ralston. He liked to have fun during excursions to wild life near the canyons in Utah. But one day he forgot to inform anybody about his small trip. And when he gets trapped from a rock who falls on his hand, he understands the meaning of life and considers about it. He thinks about several ways to imprison himself but before the end, he decides to cut his own arm and being released from this terrible experience after five whole days. An adventure for the mind and the soul, the power to overestimate death and be the winner after all. After 'Slumdog Millionaire', Danny Boyle directs an incredible film and James Franco gives us a tremendous act.

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