Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hibotan bakuto aka Red Peony Gambler (1968)

This one is another amazing Pinky film of the 70s Japanese production. It is about honor and independence. It is mid Meiji period. Ryuko Yano aka miss Oryu the red peony gambler is a lone wanderer on the move. Her only companions are her sword and her pistol. She is looking for revenge on those that killed her father. The story begins at a gambling hall where Oryu accuses Ebimasa as a thief. Fujimatsu observed the game and found a fraud in the tarf and his clan challenge Iwazu clan. After the gambling game, Naoki Katagiri saves Oryu from troubles while fighting Ebimasa's gang. She now seeks for the owner of a wallet found beside her dead dad who was also a clan leader at another providence. But what is the secret of this wallet? Her uncle gains the territories of her Yano clan as she stops having any more business. Fugushin is a loyal companion to her even if he now stays with Kumatora clan. Otaka of Okamura clan is Iwazu's wife. Oryu manages to shettle things for both clans ceasing fire. Kozo Kakuai is Sennarri clan's boss and ready to engage Fujimatsu after paying for her depts. But it is not the only secret he keeps though. His gang also kidnapp Otaka's son and want her to promise that she will stop interfere with Senarri's business in Dojima. Things are going to be settle by an enormous battle at the end. Beautiful images, stunning cinematography and an excellent soundtrack make this film a classic Pink for fans and not only.

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